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IVT's copyediting services are par excellence as we firmly believe in the principle of creating precise, unique and interesting content keeping with the individual style of the author.

Copyediting holds a lot of significance in the field of publishing and IVT understands, appreciates and values this belief. Our teams of talented and competent professionals examine the content with utmost scrutiny and strive to ensure precision and perfection. They are also proficient in the field of STM books and Journals and other varied spears which enables them to tackle all kinds of content with utmost ease. Our ability to be fair, compact, flawless precise and persistent in our services enables us to remain lofty in our standards.

Our professional copyeditors will enhance your manuscripts by:

  • Promising that the tone and style used are appropriate for the manuscript’s purpose (e.g., AMA, APA and Chicago Manual style guide for STM books)
  • Improving clarity, readability, and complete language quality
  • Using appropriate writing conventions
  • Correct use of capitalization or italics for industry/scientific terms
  • Proper use of terminology

We are expertise in three levels of Editing:

In order to meet all types of requirements for editorial support, we offer three types of copyediting and proofreading services. Choose the one that is well matched for your manuscript type and publication areas:

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The publisher indicates the level they judge is required at transmittal stage, and then indicate which level of editing is required when they send the manuscript to a typesetter.

Our editorial team is well trained in the ethics of copyediting and involves experts who have deep and valuable experience in working with authors around the world, including the APAC, Europe and United States regions. We have copyedited more than 250,000 manuscripts of books and journals, and other document types.

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