ePUB fixed layout

A layout in which the E-Book retains the page design throughout the book is called ePUB Fixed Layout. At IVT, the expert team works meticulously towards ePUB perfection. In a Fixed Layout ePUB, there are predefined spots for placing an image, content, etc. With these predefined spots, the images don’t seem to move around and stay put in their given spots. This type of a layout is used when there is a need for equal importance to be given to the content and the layout. For example, illustrative children books, cookery books that need equally eye-catching images to elaborate on the recipe published. A fixed-layout E-Book outlines the viewport, i.e. the size of the “page” in pixels, and generally covers many images exactly located relative to text. Several good samples of fixed-layout publications are magazines, photo books, and comics. An electronic “page” is the strict version of a printed page on a small screen, you will usually have to zoom and scroll in the page (often horizontally and vertically) to read the text.

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